WM Registration 2023

We are pleased to have sparked your interest in our StrandVÖLKERball World Cup. We are also looking forward to the World Cup weekend, in which up to 14 teams can participate. 

A team thematically represents a „nation“. It consists of at least 6 players, i.e. 3 men and 3 women, and substitutes are always welcome. Find out more about a team and what it consists of HERE.

You can find more information about individual or team registration under the corresponding category.

It is also possible to enter as a company team. For this, please contact teams@strandvoelkerball.de with the subject „company team“. 

We need information about the number of t-shirts, the sizes and a preferred colour, as well as another alternative, from the successfully registered teams by 30 June 2023. Teams registering after this date may not be considered for the order. 

When? 28-30 July 2023

Where? Beach61 at the Park am Gleisdreieck in Berlin