Team Guide

On this page you will find everything you need to know about founding a new team and you can inspire yourself by already established teams. We can support you in coming up with your own ideas, looking for players and any further question about signing-up and participating at the StrandVÖLKERball-WM. Simply contact us via e-mail:

Team Size:

During a match, six players from each team are on the field. The genders of the players need to be split equally at any given moment. In this year we have an exception from this rule and only 2 female players are required. However, there is no limitation for the amount of players in a team above the minimum requirement. Substitute players are always welcome.

If you do not know any potential teammates you can visit our public training sessions. Each week, many enthusiastic players come together and some of them might still be looking for a team to join for sure. Furthermore, the training sessions will help you to internalize the rules of the game before the tournament.

Die Frösche 2021 – 08.09.2021; Berlin Foto: Gerold Rebsch –

Die Schlümpfe – 08.09.2021; Berlin Foto: Gerold Rebsch –

R-Volk Einlauf WM21

R-Volk 2021 – 08.09.2021; Berlin Foto: Gerold Rebsch –


Each one of the Völker (teams) introduce themselves to the audience and other participants with a little program to self-selected music.

Some of the team have been participating for years:
In yearly tradition, the Bienenvolk (bee people) present themselves with their bee queen and flowers. With a short choreography, they tell their story in an impressive manner. The R-Volk, which secured their way into the finals with a red carpet many times, left a lasting impression, too.

Each year we get to know new teams, too, like in 2021 when the Smurfs fought for their freedom against Gargamel or the Frogs fired themselves up with a little dance.

There are many possibilities to showcase the theme of your team and to let your creativity flow freely.

Das Bienenvolk 2021 – 08.09.2021; Berlin Foto: Gerold Rebsch – www.beachpics.